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When Having Fun is Worth a teeny-tiny Stain

clean those stains

Back in the day, my life was consumed with sports and I absolutely loved being an athlete. The best part was that I could be girly and play in the dirt at the same time.

In college, the apartment four of my teammates and I occupied overlooked the softball field we practically lived on. So after exams, when the campus was almost empty, we found ourselves with nothing to do.

It was late. It was dark. It was raining. And we apparently had some bundled up energy to use.

So we did what any dedicated athlete would do and ran to the field – in the middle of a thunderstorm – and “practiced” head first slides in the outfield.


We’d sprint…and then dive! Over and over and over again. The field was covered in puddles and our clothes were soaking wet, so we could slide what felt like miles. The field became our personal gigantic slip ‘n slide.

Adrenaline must have really kicked in because it is seriously one of the best memories I have from college!

Granted, the continual sliding in the outfield put a few grass stains on my clothes. But it was totally worth it. Sometimes you have to get a little messy to get those happy endorphins going, right?

I’m pretty sure fun should almost always take precedence over clean. :)

Do you have a fun memory that resulted in a few stains? Maybe playing tag with your kids outside? Playing paintball with your family? Something else?

If so, tell your story on Scholastic.com. Seriously. You could win:

  • $2,000 worth of backyard play equipment,
  • plus coupons equaling a year supply of Clorox 2® stain-fighting products, and
  • the Clorox Company will donate $2,000 worth of athletic equipment for each winner’s child’s school.

My kiddos would think I was the ultimate fun mom if they could have backyard play equipment. If I was a betting woman, I’d say your kiddos would probably feel the same!

Make sure you tell your story ASAP. The How I Fought and Beat a Monster of a Stain Contest ends tomorrow, April 20th!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post to let you know about the contest. However, all the opinions, stories, and stains in this post are mine. You can view my full disclosure policy here.