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The Path to a Minimalist Wardrobe

It’s been almost four years since I left the corporate world. Sadly, my wardrobe has fallen to the bottom of the priority list since then. Now that I’m a full-time mom and full-time blogger (can I be full-time for both?), my wardrobe isn’t as complex as it once was. I have casual clothes, workout clothes, and a few dresses that I mostly wear to church. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be stylish!

The problem is, my closet has been full of outdated, ill-fitting clothes due to the swing in sizes due to pregnancy.

One of my goals this year has been to get rid of all clothes that doesn’t fit or look good. And then, slowly build a new, limited wardrobe that fits my present lifestyle.

It’s definitely a process to get rid of “perfectly good clothes” that I “paid good money for,” so I’ve had to streamline in spurts. I’m happy to report that the mission is almost complete!

path to a minimalist wardrobe

In case you’re curious, this is how I got rid of 90% of my clothes:

First, I hung up all my clothes on hangers facing backwards. You know about this trick, right? If you find that there are still hangers facing backwards at the end of the season, then you know you didn’t wear those particular clothing items that season.

Then I put a box in my closet. As I got ready for the day, if I found an item that didn’t fit properly, I immediately put it in the box. If I wore something but if it didn’t hang right or I felt uncomfortable all day, then I put it in the box after I got home. Basically, I I got rid of items that just didn’t look good on me. If it was too low cut, too big, or too tight, it was gone.

As I wore clothes that fit and looked good, I would wash them and hang them back up on hangers facing the correct way.

After a while it was easy to tell which items I loved and which didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.

Yesterday, I packed up my winter clothes and only kept the very few pieces that were in good shape, fit well, and I liked. Now every winter piece of clothing I own, including coats and shoes, fit into ONE storage container. I will certainly have some shopping to do when it gets cold later in the year!

winter clothes in tub

Since I’ve been at this process a while, my Spring/Summer wardrobe is just as slim, if not more so. I have some workout clothes, 2 pair of shorts, a few tanks, couple of shirts and a couple of dresses.  I definitely need to go shopping! nobrainerwardrobe300But I’m not going without a plan since that will get me right back where I was. I’m going to read through The No Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley (affiliate) that was part of the Homemaking eBook Bundle. My hope is that I will have a minimal wardrobe that I can mix and match for different looks.

I also hope that it will keep my closet clean and organized!

In a few days I’m going to show you my closet as part of the Organizing My Entire Home series. My preference would be to actually get a few more clothes before then…but we’ll see. What I do know so far is that it’s a million times easier to keep my closet organized AND find something to wear in the mornings!

What about you? Do you love your wardrobe or does it need an overhaul like mine?

  • Shanon May 4, 2013, 7:20 pm

    I’m finishing up an overhaul too! In fact, I’m hoping to finish up the last little bit of decluttering and organizing this weekend, so I can check it off my list completely. (Not that it won’t require some maintenance, but at least the overhaul will be complete!) I love my new wardrobe! So much more versatility and variety. My family loves the new looks too!

  • Ulrike May 7, 2013, 2:35 am

    My wardrobe definitely needs an overhaul too. I find it quite a daunting task though. But I’ve come to the point where I usually can’t even fit dried laundry in there anymore because it’s just too full. So that ends up in baskets all over the place.
    I will bw moving house soon so that shoild be the perfect time to finally tackle that area.
    Will have a look at the e book too. (Bought the bundle anyway.) I surely need advice on how to build a wardrobe with less but more useful clothes.

  • kate June 4, 2013, 9:58 am

    Hi, just a question, looking for some advice. My weight fluctuates often, so I end up having a lot of clothes that don’t fit but I believe they will fit again, so I would rather not throw them out. I don’t have financial resources right now (at all) to go out and buy new clothes. Any advice?

    • iDreamOfClean June 12, 2013, 10:28 pm

      Have you ever heard of a clothing swap? Invite 10-20 friends over and ask them to bring 15 items each that they don’t like, can’t fit in, etc. on a hanger. Bring accessories too. Then hang them all up and each person can go “shopping” for new-to-them clothes. It’s works great even if your friends are different sizes. Since they likely all shop at different places and buy clothes that are too big or too small, there’s a great chance that everyone will find something they like.

      I was hesitant at my first clothing swap but I’m hooked now!!