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A dirty sink can make or break the way a kitchen looks. Even a “clean” kitchen can feel dirty if it has a dingy, gunky sink. Thankfully, you can have a clean sink in less than 5 minutes if you do it right.

As part of our deep clean the kitchen series, take a few minutes to deep clean your sink and garbage disposal.

deep clean sink garbage disposal

Deep Clean the Sink

The first step when cleaning your kitchen sink is to get rid of the dishes. Obvious step, I know. But if you have dishes in your sink, take 5 minutes – or 50 minutes if needed – to clean the dishes.

Then…get to work cleaning the actual sink.

Grab my absolute favorite scrub brush – or an old tooth brush if needed – and clean all the crevices:

  • around the faucet
  • around the drain
  • in the drain
  • under the ridge of your counters if you have an under-mount sink
  • on the garbage disposal flaps (if you have one)

Make sure to use a good all-purpose or disinfectant cleaner too. You’ll just might be surprised at the grime that comes up.

When you’re finished with the sink, give your garbage disposal some TLC too.

Deep Clean the Garbage Disposal

Have you seen those garbage disposal cleaning tablets at the store? The ones that that have a lemony smell that clean away the grime?

Well, you can make your own quite easily.

DIY Homemade Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tablets


    • Vinegar
    • Citrus slices or peelings
    • Ice cube tray


Slice a lemon, orange, or other citrus fruit. Place in ice-cube tray and fill to the top with vinegar. Freeze until cubes form. Remove vinegar/citrus cubes from ice-cube tray and place in resealable bag. Keep in freezer until needed.

When cleaning the garbage disposal, just pull out a couple of cubes and grind in the garbage disposal.

These homemade vinegar/citrus tablets will work great to periodically disinfect your garbage disposal. However, storing them takes up freezer space. And in my house, freezer space is at a premium.

So you know what I discovered?

The best way to clean and disinfect your garbage disposal is to just do it when the opportunity strikes! 

If you peel and orange to eat or use squeeze a lemon in a recipe, throw the rind in the garbage disposal and give it a whirl. After you wash the dishes and wipe down the counters and sink, throw a couple of ice cubes in the garbage disposal and grind away. Easy. Peasy.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation you can get when you deep clean your sink and garbage disposal every once in a while.

Action Item:

Deep clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Then let me over on Facebook or on the comment section here. I can’t wait to cheer you on!

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