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How Not to Repair a Washing Machine

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A few years ago my 3-year-old washing machine stopped spinning. Since it was fairly new, I figured the problem had to be something simple. I  googled (or swagbucks) the problem and found several potential fixes.

Being the resourceful frugal stubborn person I am, I decided that I could take apart the washing machine, check out the problem, and repair it myself.

Now keep in mind that I had zero mechanical experience. Zilch. But why should that stop me?

My husband was out of town at the time or he would have talked some sense into me. But since he wasn’t, I just got to work.

The first step was to detach the back panel by removing the screws. Seemed easy enough. Unfortunately there was a pipe thingamajigger protruding from the machine that prevented the back panel from being removed completely. I couldn’t quite see what I needed to see to fix the problem.

A normal person probably could have stopped at that point.

But me? No way. I was determined to open that machine. In order to get to the basket and see what was preventing it from spinning, I had to find another way in. It took some persistence but, after removing the control panel and lid, I finally maneuvered the other three sides off the base.

Washing Machine Repair

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Finally! It had taken about two hours but I could see the basket. Troubleshooting could begin! Too bad I had absolutely no idea where to start!

So there I was sitting in the middle of my laundry room, washing machine parts all over the floor, with no clue what I had gotten myself into. There’s a good chance a few tears were shed as well.

There really wasn’t anything I could do except admit failure and call a professional. In hopes of avoiding some embarrassment when my husband arrived home, I proceeded to try to put the washing machine back together again.

The keyword there is try!

There were quite a few parts that didn’t make it back in place. And the ones that did…well, let’s just say they were less than perfect!

A few days later, the repairman arrived and fixed the washing machine in less than 30 minutes. In less time than it took me to remove that finicky back panel, it was back in order!

Fast forward a few years…

We’ve moved a few times and due to different apartment regulations, we no longer have that machine. Instead, we’re using a 19 year old washing machine and dryer that formerly belonged to a family member.

Did you catch that? 19 years old! That machine has been a trooper! Of course, we knew It was just a matter of time, but yesterday the washing machine stopped draining.

What did I do? Tweeted about it (of course!) and then googled the problem.

Just like before, it seems like an easy fix.

So, will I be taking apart the washing machine later today? Let me thing about that a second. Um….no way!

Instead, I think I’ll learn from my formerly misguided ways and try something new.

Although I do have mad clothes-cleaning skills, when it comes to repairing the washing machine, that will be left to a professional!

What about you? Have you ever tried to repair something you were completely unqualified for?