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Growing Green: Simple Ways to TEACH Green

A few weeks ago my oldest son and I were watching Sid the Science Kid and I immediately knew the episode would be a great illistration for the last part of our Growing Green series.

On this particular episode, Sid’s mother helped him investigate how much water goes down the drain while brushing his teeth. His mom plugged the drain, turned on the water, and Sid pretended to brush his teeth. Then they emptied the sink and repeated the process, but only running the water when Sid needed to wet his toothbrush or rinse his mouth.

It was a great visual on how to conserve water while brushing our teeth!

I particularly liked that my son could watch the episode and then immediately repeat the experiment in our own home. I think the reinforcement and hands on approach to learning enforced how easy it is to not waste our resources.

That little experiment got me thinking about other creative ways to help our children learn to conserve.

  • If your kids have a habit of holding open the refrigerator door for…ever while trying to decide what to take out, utilize resources provided by electric companies to determine how much money it costs to cool that refrigerator. If they have a piggy bank, pull out some money to place in a glass jar every time you see them holding the door open too long. They just might be surprised how quickly that jar fills up!
  • Utilize websites like Energy Kids that help describe what energy is and help encourage conservation in ways kids understand. There are tons of games and activities to make learning fun.
  • Let your kids teach YOU to recycle. Since kids are uber creative, embrace it! Encourage your children to invent new ways to reuse materials like turning an old box into a spaceship or create artwork with broken materials normally thrown in the trash.

What ideas do you have for teaching kids to be green?

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