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Growing Green: Simple Tips to THINK Green

The absolute beautiful weather on Friday in addition to all of your tips, led to a very successful garage sale. We were able to purge quite a bit from our house while also making a few bucks in the process.

But, you know what?


First, let me remind you that it’s only been a year since we moved from our 740 square feet loft to a larger house. Moving into a traditional home meant our oldest son could graduate from the pack-in-play and sleep in a regular bed. It meant we could have more children, so along came baby #2. It also meant lawn duty was inevitable so our garage is now full of…you guessed it…yard equipment.

I suppose some of the new furniture, tools, and equipment could be deemed as necessary. But since we no longer have a good excuse to be intentional with our belongings, completely unnecessary items have made their way into our home.

How does that happen?!?!

Getting rid of excess stuff in our home has made it even more apparent that we still have so much more than we need.

Can anyone relate?

So what does all this have to do with THINKING green?

Let me explain…

Many people think being green is what those hippie, crunchy people do. They live on the land, strive for zero waste, and don’t cut their hair or wear make up.

But let me assure you that regular ol’ people can be green too. And one very easy way to be green is to simply change your way of thinking…just a tad.

You see, we’ve been conditioned in this society to be in a continual state of want:

  • It’s a new season, so apparently I’m supposed to update my wardrobe.
  • That craft on Pinterest looks pretty cool so I need to run to the store to get  the materials (so they can sit in the closet just begging to be used :)
  • That do-dad is ON SALE for pennies on the dollar so I’d be crazy to pass it up.
  • I would be so embarrassed for someone to see my “tube” TV so, even though it still works, I really want to upgrade to a super sleek flat screen.
  • My cell phone contract has expired so I “have” to use my free upgrade (Which, by the way, I need help understanding. If it’s a “free upgrade” why aren’t any of the phones free?)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against stuff!

I have stuff.

I have a lot of it.

But if we shift our thinking ever so slightly, we could become a little more green simply by not buying something just because we can. Saying no every once in a while is one of the easiest ways to become a little more green.

Of course, there are other benefits also:

  • It saves money,
  • It adds simplicity to our life,
  • We won’t have find a way to organize it,
  • We learn to be content.

That last point is the one I like the most.

Being content is something I have to continually work on, but with time and practice, it actually does get a little easier!

How do you practice contentment?

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  • Crissy April 24, 2012, 11:27 am

    Being content is really hard, for me I think I was forced to say “enough is enough’ I obviously can’t afford to live this way anymore. I gave up cable, a cell phone, and other things, and guess what it doesn’t even bother me in the least. I’ve learned that I am able to enjoy things a lot more when I don’t indulge myself with every new thing that comes around. I’m not saying I don’t wish for stuff, cause I do but I have learned to walk away and say no sometimes.