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Garage Organization for $2.99

Garage Organization

Alright, I admit it. The title of this post is a little bit deceptive. You see, we’ve already organized our garage with baskets and shelving units.

But even utilizing those products made specifically for the garage we had a few straggling items stuck in corners, taking up too much space on the shelves, and sitting around on the floor. Our garage organization needed some revamping!

And you know what? We did it for less than $2.99!

(By the way, when I say “we,” I 100% mean my husband. I park my vehicle in the garage. And sometimes use it to play outdoors with the kiddos when it’s raining or too hot. Everything else about the garage is thankfully all his!)

Garage Organization Tip

When it comes to garage organization, fancy cabinets and equipment can be extremely helpful. But the reason they are so helpful is that help you utilize wall space. For lightweight equipment, you can get the same effect for less the $2.99, the cost of a box of nails!

Toys and tools are all hung up by a few nails!

Do you have inexpensive ways to organize your garage? And more importantly :) is garage organization part of your plan for the Spring Cleaning Challenge? If so, make sure check out the tips Organize 365 shared to Spring Clean the garage and then go enter to win one of the washer/dryer sets, closet organization system and steam mop up for grabs!!

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  • kat January 11, 2013, 9:53 am

    I am starting to apprecitate how helpful it is to hang things. I never really thought of it but now, I am addicted to hanging things and organizing things with nails. In my garage, I just put ribbon through things like brooms and shovels and hang them. So easy and looks fun with the ribbons.