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How to be a Work at Home Mom

resource for work at home moms

When you’re sitting in a corporate office, working from home sounds like a dream. But, often, when you’re working at home, there are little ones running about leaving you little to no quite time to concentrate. There may be times you find yourself longing for that quite space again. I guess it’s that “grass is always greener” syndrome!

If you find yourself in a work at home situation, a little planning and preparation can go a looong way for running your business successfully. 

Over the summer I had the opportunity to read How to be a Work at Home Mom by Prerna Malik and gleaned a ton of useful info that I’ve been implementing gradually.

For example, she shares practical ways organizing, cleaning, and decluttering benefit the work at home mom. Of course, that’s right up my alley so those have been pretty easy for me. But she also talks about budgeting, setting up your workspace, meal planning, and ways to keep your kids engaged. There are other helpful tips about dressing for success and staying fit as a WAHM.

Now that school is back in session and I have a few hours of real, uninterrupted work time each week, I’ll be working full force on the meat of the book:

resource for work at home moms

  • Time Management (including tips for the online world)
  • Growing your business
  • Pitching clients
  • Advertising
  • Ways to grow your business
  • Overcoming pitfalls like isolation or lack of focus
  • Tips from successful WAHM’s
She also includes bonus features in her WAHM tool kit:
  • Brainstorming for business worksheet
  • Business budgeting worksheets
  • Time management tracker
  • Mentoring resources
  • Free business listing directories
  • Press release submissing sites
  • Productivity tools
  • and more.

The $17 price for this ebook is well worth it, but Prerna and I have been corresponding a bit about her book and she’s graciously offered a 50% discount for you!

Just click here to buy for $8.50 and use DREAMCLEAN in the discount code field. This code is only valid until valid till 08/31 23:59 so don’t delay.

how to work at home during the summer

If you don’t think you’re ready for the full blown version yet, give her Summer Sanity Savers ebook a try. It’s still has a ton of useful content, but it’s shorter and more like a Cliff’s Notes version! Click here and use DREAMCLEAN in the discount code field to get Summer Sanity Savers for $4.50 instead of $9. *Disclosure: I’ve used affiliate links and although it doesn’t affect you at all, they help keep this site running!