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Cleaning Kids

How to Clean Baby Toys

When it comes to cleaning baby toys, a gentle cleaning solution will usually do. Here is a very simple way to clean baby toys.

Easy Way to Remove Sand from Hands and Feet at the Beach

My family and I are planning a vacation to one of our favorite summer spots…the beach! As I think through things we need to pack, I was reminded of a quick tip I posted last year. When we're at the beach, we like to spend a couple of hours in the sand and then another few [...]

Easy Way to Make Memories with Your Kids this Summer

I've been in the "physically exhausting" stages of parenting for the past four years. At least that's what the more experienced moms around me call it! I've rarely had a full night sleep since having two boys. I'm constantly preparing food, feeding two mouths, cleaning up what seems like plates-full of food that drops to [...]

Secrets of The Mommyhood (plus Giveaway!)

When we had our first child, I thought it was kind of funny that I had to keep track of pees and poops in the hospital. I mean, I totally understood that the nurses needed to make sure everything was working properly. But every time they asked how many times our son had gone to [...]

4 Easy Ways to Clean Toys

4 easy ways to clean toys

Need to clean your kid's toys? Did you son get sick and cover a room full of toys with germs? Did your daughter accidentally drop a favorite stuffed animal in the mud? Whatever the reason, there will come a time youl have to figure out how to clean your kid's toys. Here are 4 easy ways:

Kids and Laundry: Teaching Children that Work can be Fun

Teach kids that work can be fun with something as simple as laundry!

[pinit] The other day I was folding laundry like a mad woman. Since laundry is one of my least favorite chores so I was just trying to finish as fast as I could. But my oldest boy really wanted to help. Did you catch that? A child...who really WANTED...to HELP. That should be music to [...]

Simplify Laundry with One Easy Step

Simplify laundry with one easy step!

[pinit] In theory, laundry is pretty simple task. Separate the darks from the lights, delicates from the towels. Put a load in the washing machine. Turn it on. Forget about it. Transfer to the dryer. Wait a couple of days. Oh wait, you probably don't do that last step! :)  Or maybe you do. Why? [...]

3 Easy Ways to Clean Used Toys

3 easy way to clean used toys by @iDreamofClean

It's consignment sale season! I don't know about you, but that makes me very happy. Since I pretty much refuse to spend $20 on an outfit or full price for a toy, I stock up for birthday and Christmas gifts during consignment sale season. Since you don't know the previous owner of toys bought at [...]

Back to School: Germ Busting Tips for Kids

germs and kids

[pinit] Written by Calie, Contributing Author Even though my kids only go to school two days a week, I still start to get squirmy about germs this time of year. I know that within in a few weeks of their tutorial beginning I can expect to see noses start running, eyes start drooping, tummies start aching and voices [...]

Drive-Thru Windows Shouldn’t Just Be For Fast Food

the drive-thru window isn't just for fast food

I want to start a revolution for businesses everywhere to start offering curbside or drive-thru service. There are often times I'd like to quickly run into a store to buy one or two items. However, as a mom with a preschooler and baby, "quickly" rarely works. There are times I'm lacking just one ingredient for dinner. [...]