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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Both i Dream of clean and Spring Cleaning 365 are designed to provide step-by-step guides to help you clean, organize, and simplify your home. My goal is to make your home life as easy as possible…especially during the Spring Cleaning season!  Today we’re going to discover how to make the most of this Spring Cleaning season. I like [...]

Deep Clean the Freezer

Just like the refrigerator that we cleaned yesterday, the freezer can get ridiculously dirty. Gunk somehow makes its way onto the shelves the drawers. It's a mystery! Since I don't open the freezer as much as the freezer, I don't really wipe it down too often. However, I decided a while ago that I needed to put “deep [...]

Deep Clean the Refrigerator

I have absolutely NO IDEA how the refrigerator can get so dirty. There are always spills, scraps, and debris on the shelves and in the drawers. So I've tried to make it a habit to wipe down the refrigerator shelves before my grocery store run. That way the shelves are mostly empty. However, I decided [...]

Deep Clean the Dishwasher

Today is day 6 of our deep clean the kitchen, Spring Cleaning challenge! We tackled the microwave yesterday. Today it's time to clean another appliance...the dishwasher! If it’s been over a month since you've scrubbed your dishwasher, then it’s time to do it again! Take a few minutes to deep clean your dishwasher and then add [...]

Deep Clean the Microwave

Today is day 5 of our deep clean the kitchen, Spring Cleaning challenge! We've covered quite a bit over the last few days. But now it's time to clean, and I mean really clean, all of your kitchen appliances. Let's start by deep cleaning the microwave. If you wipe out your microwave every time you use it, then it [...]

Deep Clean Your Kitchen Trash Can

Your dishes are clean, you've cleared the clutter and you've thought through how to best organize your kitchen. Today we’re getting into the nitty gritty of this Spring Cleaning Challenge. We’re going to start deep cleaning the kitchen! You use trash bags. You may even have a hands-free trash can. Yet, somehow, there’s always a leak, or a spill, or [...]

Organize Your Kitchen with Purpose

If you're following along during this Spring Cleaning challenge, you are working hard this month to deep clean your kitchen. If you haven't jumped on board yet, there's still time! Since you removed all of your kitchen clutter yesterday, today is a perfect time to focus on the primary purpose of the kitchen...cooking, entertaining, eating. When you first moved into [...]

Remove Kitchen Clutter

  You’ve washed the dishes and unloaded the dishwasher or dish rack. Some of you may have even had to do this twice! But that’s okay. Now we can all start implementing the habit of washing or loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher as they accumulate. Let’s move on to the next step in our Step-by-Step guide [...]

Spring Cleaning: How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

It may still be cold outside, but in just a few short weeks it will be Spring! You know what that means? Spring Cleaning! Over the next few months, I'm going to give you some step-by-step guides to help you get your home in order. We'll work on paper clutter, email clutter, and deep cleaning certain [...]

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Floors (STEP 2)

If you have hardwood, carpet or tile, use this Spring Cleaning Checklist to spring clean the floors in your home effectively and efficiently.