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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your toddler finally falls asleep and not two minutes later, the delivery man rings the doorbell.
  • You’re still in your pj’s when an unannounced guest knocks at the door.
  • Your husband is out of town when a persistent salesman tries to get your attention through the glass on your front door.

Well, there is finally a solution. SkyBell is upgrading the doorbell with a WI-FI video doorbell!

I was given the opportunity to try it out recently and my kids and I have been having fun with it. Of course it’s come in handy a few times too. Here are a few of the features I think are the most helpful:

  • Turn on Silent Mode to remotely turn off the indoor chime and receive notifications only on your mobile device…that way the doorbell won’t wake the kids up from their nap.
  • Use the One-Way Video to see who is at the door without them being able to see you…you know, in case you still have your pj’s on.
  • Use the Two-Way Audio to talk with whomever is at your door using your mobile devise…that way don’t have to answer the door for that random salesman.
  • Take a Photo Snapshot of the person at your door…just in case…
  • Turn on the SkyBell integrated camera at anytime to view your entry way…great feature if you’re out of town or on vacation.

skybell inst

And of course there are a few other features like:

  • Night vision
  • Alerts for multiple users
  • Weather resistant
  • Remote control features

It’s pretty great technology and definitely helps simplify life while adding a level of security. skybell

Here’s how the SkyBell doorbell works:

  1. Install the doorbell (instructions included).
  2. Connect it to your WiFi.
  3. Download the SkyBell App from the app store.
  4. Start using it!


How would you like to win this amazing doorbell for yourself? Of course you would!

Because SkyBell is amazing, they are giving away this WiFi video Doorbell to a special iDreamofClean reader! Just click on over to the entry page. One step and you’re entered!

win skybell


You’re welcome :)


I participated in the Skybell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.


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