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75 Clutter-free Gift Ideas!

The gift season is upon us! But that doesn’t mean we have to give (or receive) the gift of clutter. In fact, clutter-free gifts can have just as much – if not more – meaning than traditional gifts.

As I’ve worked on the Clear the Clutter course the last few months, I’ve realized that there is definitely a systematic approach you can take to reduce the amount of unnecessary items in your home. However, preventing new clutter is a whole other story.

Instead of adding clutter to our loved ones homes this year, let’s do our best to focus on useful, clutter-free gifts.

After brainstorming several clutter-free gift ideas, I thought about breaking the list down into gift ideas for kids, gift ideas for moms, gift ideas for grandparents…well, you get the idea. But since there’s quite a bit of overlap, I thought I’d compile one gigantic list that will work for kids and adults alike.

Here are my favorite clutter-free gift ideas for kids, moms, dads, grandparents and everyone in between. I’d love to hear your ideas too!

clutter free gift ideas

Clutter-free gift ideas:

  1. Acting lessons
  2. Amusement park membership or pass
  3. Aquarium membership or pass
  4. Art Class
  5. Audio books (You can get 50% off Audible here)
  6. Babysitting
  7. Baseball registration or private coaching
  8. Basketball registration or private coaching
  9. Beach trip
  10. BIG experience gift (sky-diving, fishing in Alaska, helicopter ride, hot-air balloon ride, etc.)
  11. Bounce house pass
  12. Bowling tickets
  13. Bucket list experience (help the gift receiver cross something off their list)
  14. Camping trip as a family
  15. Car detailing
  16. Cheerleading registration or private coaching
  17. Church camp registration
  18. Circus tickets
  19. Cleaning schedule
  20. CLEAR THE CLUTTER – simplify your life (I personally think this might be one of the best gifts you could ever receive…*wink*)
  21. Computer clean up or maintenance
  22. Cooking classes (my husband gave this to me one year and I loved it!)
  23. County fair tickets
  24. Dance classes
  25. Date night gift card
  26. Day at the Spa
  27. Educational app
  28. eMeals (weekly meal plans for any diet preference…plus get a free 2 week trial with this link!)
  29. Facial
  30. Family favorite recipe cards
  31. Family photo session
  32. Financial planner appointment
  33. Get professional decorating advice
  34. Gym membership
  35. Gymnastics classes
  36. Handyman service (one time or ongoing)
  37. Help selling unneeded items on ebay, craigslist, facebook, etc.
  38. Hockey registration or private coaching
  39. Horseback riding lessons
  40. Housekeeper or Maid (one time or ongoing)
  41. itunes gift card
  42. Kindle books (you don’t even need a “real” Kindle if you download the Kindle app to your computer, ipad, phone, etc.)
  43. Love letter (you know, an old fashioned hand written letter)
  44. Manicure
  45. Massage
  46. Museum membership
  47. Mini golf tickets
  48. Mommy and me class
  49. Monthly “date” cards (for kids, parents, or spouse)
  50. Movie tickets
  51. Music lessons
  52. Nutrition Class
  53. Once a Month Meals (freezer cooking at it’s finest)
  54. Pedicure
  55. Personal stylist session
  56. Personal training
  57. Professional organizer (one time or ongoing)
  58. Record a family album or movie (this could be so. much. fun!)
  59. Restaurant gift card
  60. Rock climbing lessons
  61. Rosetta stone subscription to learn another language
  62. Science museum membership
  63. Singing lessons
  64. Ski trip
  65. Space and Rocket center camp
  66. Sporting event tickets
  67. Summer camp registration
  68. Swim lessons
  69. Train and run a race together (5K, half-marathon, marathon)
  70. Trip down memory lane (sort through old photos as a family…you can even sort and organize while you’re going through them.)
  71. Trip to a “pick your own” farm or orchard
  72. Truth in the Tinsel (perfect way to make the days leading up to Christmas meaningful)
  73. Video interview of each family member, starting with the oldest person in the family (I really-really-REALLY want to do this!)
  74. Water park membership or pass
  75. Zoo membership

There you have it. 75 of my best clutter-free gift ideas.

It should be noted that many classes and lessons require special equipment or uniforms, so it might be nice to provide those as part of the gift. Granted, that’s not really “clutter-free.” But it does help reduce clutter since those items don’t have to be purchased in addition to other gifts.

Clutter-busting gift ideas

If you just need help getting RID of clutter, you can read about my favorite clutter busting products here. You’ll find my favorite way to beat paper clutter, organize closets, clean up the garage, and more.

Gift list organizational idea

Of course, if you or your family could use a few physical gifts, here’s an easy way to keep your gift list organized!

So, let me hear from you! What are your favorite clutter-free gift ideas?

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