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How to Deep Clean Oven

As part of our deep clean the kitchen series, we’ve been working hard to deep clean our kitchen appliances over the past few days. Everything from the dishwasher to the microwave to the stovetop. Now it’s time to deep clean the oven! 

When I think of cleaning the oven, I pretty much just think of cleaning the inside. You know, following the instructions on a conventional oven cleaner or using baking soda (which I don’t really think works that well).

However….today is about us figuring out how to DEEP CLEAN the oven. That means every single nook and cranny.

So, this is what we’re going to tackle:

  • Clean in between the glass on your oven door
  • Clean inside the oven
  • Clean the racks inside the oven
  • Clean under the oven
  • Clean the crack in between the oven and the counter



How to clean in between the glass on your oven door

As I mentioned last year during the Spring Cleaning challenge, I wasn’t able to clean the glass inside my oven door with a coat hanger and windex wipe. Because of that, I researched and figured out how to take my oven door apart. It’s was a bit nerve-racking at first, but totally worth it! I saw gunk in there that would have never come clean without taking the oven door apart. 

I found out that taking your oven door apart and cleaning the glass inside is fairly easy. However, there are several steps to making it happen.

To make things as easy as possible, I created a video and downloadable cheat sheet:

Print the “Cheat Sheet”

How to Clean the Glass in between oven door

Watch the Video

Since this post is all about DEEP CLEANING the oven, I think that cleaning the glass in between your oven doors is a must do activity at least once a year to really get a clean oven.

Make sure to add it to your cleaning schedule

How to Clean Inside Your Oven

The great thing about taking your oven door off is that you can really reach inside the oven to get it clean.

Now, there are several ways to clean your oven.

1. Use a Baking Soda mixture.

I’ve written about this before and it worked okay…about a 5 on a 1-10 scale. If you’re oven isn’t too dirty, then feel free to give it a whirl.

Natural Oven Cleaner



Using my favorite kitchen tool ever, the nylon pan scraper, scrape dried food off the oven floor. Then sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven, focusing heavily on the worst areas. Next, spray or pour vinegar over baking soda. Allow the mixture to work its magic until the bubbling stops…even overnight if needed Use scraper again if needed. Wipe away debris with towel. If it’s been two years since you cleaned your oven, repeat.

2. Use a conventional oven cleaner

A conventional oven cleaner is actually a pretty pain free way to clean the oven. You usually just have to spray, let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe away.

Keep in mind that most conventional oven cleaners contain a boatload of chemicals so if that concerns you, a natural oven cleaner like this one may be an option.

3. Use the self-cleaning feature

I’ve used the self-cleaning feature in the past but it freaked me out every time. The oven door locks, it heats up to a bajillion degrees, and 6 hours later, the oven door unlocks and it’s magically clean!

Easy? Sure.

Worth it? Maybe not. You can’t leave the house during that time frame (and you’ll probably remember you promised to pick up your son’s friend at the exact moment you hit start). Plus, using the self-cleaning feature may do more harm than good. Use with caution!

How to Clean Oven Racks

Scrub the oven racks often

I like to clean my oven racks fairly often in my kitchen sink using a scrub brush and Bar Keepers Friend. (By the way, that’s one of the products on my Favorite Cleaning Products list so I think it’s a must have for every kitchen!)

how to clean oven racks with bar keepers friend

Or don’t scrub and just let them soak

If they are completely covered in gunk and you don’t want to take the time to scrub your oven racks, place them on top of a towel in your bathtub, squirt a liberal amount of Dawn Power Dissolver in the tub, and fill it up with hot water until the oven racks are completely covered. Let them soak for 3 minutes (or overnight if you want) and then you should pretty much just be able to wipe them clean with a dishrag.

how to clean oven racks by soaking them in bathtub


Don’t just use any dishsoap though…the Dawn Power Dissolver really does work wonders in my humble opinion. I love using it when I have to hand wash dishes that have dried on food stuck to them!

dawn power dissolver

Clean under the oven

Alright, now cleaning under the oven can be a challenge. But every once in a while you have to move the oven completely out of place to sweep and/or vacuum up the crumbs. Trust me, it get’s DIRTY under there.

Move the oven

If you do decide to move your oven, make sure to take precautions to protect your floor. There’s no need to mess up your floor!

clean under stove oven by moving it

Pull the oven drawer out

If you don’t want to physically move your oven, take out the bottom drawer. You’ll be able to clean up a LOT that way.

dirty under oven stove

Clean the crack in between the oven and the counter

While you’re taking the time to deep clean your oven, take a few minutes to clean crack between your oven and the counter. You know how crumbs fall between the crack and spills seem to always happen there…at least that’s how it is at my house!

If you move your oven to clean under it, then that’s the easiest time to wipe off the sides of the counter.

However, if you just wrap a dishcloth around a kitchen knife, you can slide it along the crack and clean in between the cracks.

clean the space between stove and counter

And…if you want to PREVENT even more crumbs and spills from falling between the counter and the oven, these range seams might help!

So, there we have it. One of the longest most comprehensive posts about deep cleaning the oven I have ever written. Who knew there was so much involved in keeping an oven looking new! 

Action Item:

Deep clean your oven – under, inside, under and even in between the oven glass doors. Then let me over on Facebook or on the comment section here. I can’t wait to cheer you on!

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