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Do you want to learn how to clear clutter? Then check out this inspirational interview with one of our Clear the Clutter participants, Patricia.

Patricia found out about us through Becoming Minimalist and I could not be more thrilled. She is fantastic and I am so blessed to know her now.  She has also worked incredibly hard during the course and inspired us all with her before and after pictures.

If you want to see what she’s been up to (and be inspired to declutter yourself!), check out this interview. She talks about how she’s organized her photos, been able to showcase items that are most important to her, and how she’s even saved money because she is now using gift cards that have been hidden away! You can even see some of her clutter-busting work as she takes us on a tour of her beautiful, organized, clutter-free house!

How to Clear Clutter – Interview with Clear The Clutter participant Patricia

When asked to evaluate Clear the Clutter, this is what she had to say:

Why did you join Clear the Clutter?

I had come a long way in clearing the clutter, but my closets and drawers were still stuffed, there were things that I couldn’t find, and I felt like I had exhausted all the things that I could do. I had read some other things like spring cleaning 365 by Christine, and I liked the specificity of her suggestions.

What did you accomplish during the Clear the Clutter course?

I was notorious for losing things not being able to find things. Now other people look to me as to where something is. I go on trips and accomplish tasks knowing that I have things that I need. It has saved me money as I now schedule using gift certificates rather than just letting them sit in the drawer. I found a necklace that has been lost for months. I found a big flashlight that was just in the back of the kitchen cabinet. My husband loves it but we didn’t even know it was there. I now have my piano music and my accordion music organized to the things that I actually like, not overflowing with things I will never play. I’m doing the same with my recipes.

What was your biggest takeaway during the course?

Focus on the 20% of the things that you truly love. When you start getting rid of the so-so things, you will end up with a home and a life that you are truly excited about.

Why were you successful during the course?

I was successful because I did the things that Christine suggested and when I had questions, I asked her. Her answers were not always what I expected, but I tried them and they worked.

What (if any) of the principles taught during the course made the decluttering process “click” in your mind?

One place for everything and only one. Christine explained it in the way that I could finally get it.

Has your stress level decreased as your clutter has gone out the door?

It has significantly decreased. My living room, which was my first priority, didn’t seem all that bad, but now that it is super clean and super organized and I can find everything that I want, I love, love, love being in there.

Are you inspired to clear out your clutter now?

If so, join us for the next round of Clear the Clutter. I would love to help you clear out all of those possessions holding you back from living a simple, productive, meaningful life!



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