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6 Helps for When You Are Overwhelmed

Raise your hand if your life is hectic…

I bet that if you took a poll, 9 out of 10 people would say they are too busy. Um...I totally made up that statistic but I’m guessing it’s pretty accurate! 

With work, church, family, and friends you can be running and gunning all day. Add kids to the mix and their mere presence adds even more noise, needs, and activities to your day. When something unexpected happens like a move, a death, an accident, or even a celebratory occasion  it can often be enough to put you over the edge.

But you know what? Times like this are usually only for a season. There are ways to slow down and get your life under control again.

when you're feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes you just need a little help.

1. Ask your family and friends for help.

I’ll admit this can be difficult to do. But just think about how you would react if your best friend was going through a rough patch. You’d do everything in your power to help her out!

When those closest to you find out that you’re going under, they’ll almost always jump at the chance to help. You just have to ask.

2. Splurge on a housekeeping service.

Cost is often an issue when hiring professionals. But if maintaining your home is keeping you from doing the things that matter, you could actually come out ahead. If you’ve never thought about getting someone to clean your home, check out these reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service.

3. Seek help from a professional organizer.

Sometimes you just need a little help getting your life in order. Professional organizers know how to organize your belongings so you can find what you need, when you need it. They know how to organize your stuff in such a way that it gains you time (because you can find it) and freedom (because it no longer feels overwhelming). Having another pair of eyes (and hands) around can often make the biggest difference when you’re overwhelmed.

4. Start with one thing.

Do something simple like make up your bed for the day or go through the mail. Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring some sanity back into your day.

5. Get some inspiration.

There are resources like One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler10 Steps to Organized Paper, and Organizing Life as Mom (affiliate links) that encourage you to make progress and get organized slowly. Of course there are a million other areas to simplify your life. Think kitchen/meal prep, exercise, motherhood, spiritual growth, etc. Sometimes you just need a bit of time for yourself to read and get re-energized for the craziness! (If you want a few of these resources at your fingertips, check out this special deal that’s going on for the next few days.) 

6. Just say no.

Did you know it’s okay to say no? Being overwhelmed and overworked doesn’t make you a better wife, mom, or friend. Maybe you need to stop teaching Sunday School or find someone else to lead the PTO. Pull back where needed and ask for help. That way you can recharge and spend your time where it matters most.

A mentor once told me that as women, we can do it all…we just can’t do it all at the same time. Keep that in mind the next time you start to feel overwhelmed. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What areas of life do you ask for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

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